Snuggly Maddux

I always say that Maddux is not very snuggly. 

This happened last night, and of course proves me wrong. 

He fell asleep in the top position for about an hour, and then moved into the other two positions half asleep in the duration of about 10 minutes. I was trying not to laugh and wake him up, but he was pretty funny. 


It's Starting to Look A Lot Like Christmas

As many of you know, I am not a big fan of dog clothing, but on a Black Friday trip to a pet store, I found some wearable items at a deep discount that I thought would make hilarious photos, which I am a big fan of. 

Getting them to stay still for these photos required my dad's help in some cases. But, the ridiculous amount I spent on these items were well worth it. 

Hope you enjoy these as much I did! 

I also bought them these collars, which try will be wearing throughout the holiday season. (More accurately likely, St. Patrick's Day when I remember to take them off) 

Maddux has on the red and Toby is wearing the green right now. But, I can't get them to stay still for a photo! :) 


Kurgo's Surf n Turf Dog Coat

We recently had the opportunity to select a Kurgo item to review. We chose their Surf n Turf life vest and coat in one. 

Living in the mountains and enjoying both winter and summer activities, one jacket that can satusfy both was very appealing to me. 

First, lets start with the quality of the product. It is good, and I usually find a lot of faults with many pet products. Thier size is spot-on. In most cases I have to get Toby a medium becuase he is long, and no matter what the size chart says, a small never fits him, even thiught that is really what he should be wearing.m

So when I ordered a medium and it arrived, and was way too big for him, I was really surprised. Their sizes are actually "normal." They were super nice and sent me the small, and It fit Toby perfectly. 

It covered his back and fit nicely around him. 

I really like the adjustable neck strap and the adjustable straps around the belly. It makes making sure it fits him properly a breeze. 

Another design element I really like is that it doesnt come too far up his neck when he sits. Sometimes, lifevests come right up to his chin and he looks totally uncomfortable. 

The vest, and coat, combo seems very sturdy. Since its winter, we clearly didn't get to use it in the kayak, but there are times, like when Toby decides he wants to take a random dip in the water and then feeaks out, that I need to pull him out using the handle on the top of the vest. When I tried it, it didn't feel like Toby was unsteady, or going to fall out of it at all. It held him nicely. 

What I really likeis that I can  easily remove the the flotation layer and it can be used as a wateproof coat. This, we did try, in all the recent rain, and it worked well. An added benfit, which I have not tried yet, but it is available is that the Kurgo Wander Coat can be inserted into the shell for extra warm during cold months. 

In addition to practical use, could see this being very beneficial on a long road trip, that included various climates.  It is one coast that solves multitude of problems. 


Pooping Tinsel

Toby has never had interest in a Christmas tree. Maybe it was because it was fake and never had a smell, but he could care less. From what I remember even as a puppy he was uninterested. 

Maddux, however is a different story. 

Maybe he just doesnt like the way I have it decorated, but he has successfully removed all the bottom garland pieces. Its a little hard to blame anyone else but him, when it comes to tree desruction.well, and, because I have caught him in the act several times. 

And, yes, he did poop tinsel, it was not just a creative blog post title.m


They Really Do Love Each Other

Clearly, I was a little nervous when I brought Maddux home. Ok, a lot nervous. 

What if Toby didn't like him? Yes, we were just doing a weekend trial, but I would have felt terrible if we had to give him back at the end of the weekend, having given him false home that he had found a home. 

There was a few moments of upset, but for the most part, their play and overall interactions were excellent, at least that's what everyone told me. I even made my aunt FaceTime with me so sencould watch them play, to get her opinion. 

Maddux immediately fell in love with Toby and wanted to snuggle and be with him everywhere he went. Toby was not very interested in this, because, well, he was not used to it. 

A few weeks ago that started to change, as now they burry into each other and even lie in the same bed sometimes. 

I have been trying to document this the best I can, through the photos below. Of course, they usually move before I can snap the photo! 

The first few weeks, Toby really wanted his space. Then, we slowly started to get closer. 

And then, they became best buds! 

Happy 7th Birthday, Toby!

Oh my gosh, little dog! I can't believe you are 7 years old! 

The time has gone by so fast, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. You have taught me so much about life, and have changed mine for the better. So many things have changed in the past 7 years. 

You have been with me through at least four different jobs, came with me when I was looking at houses with my Relator. We have traveled to a bunch of states including Virginia, Ohio and Maine, walked across the bridge to Canada at Niagara Falls, took a random day drive to montreal ... the list could go on and on. 

There have been many moment I have been proud to be your human, but the past two months have sent me over the moon. For the longest time I have said that you needed a dog companion. A friend. 

Everyone told me I was wrong. They were worried you would not get along with another dog, and shun him, or her, away. I knew better. 

Sure enough, you took to your new brother Maddux, after a very short amount of time. I have never seen you so active and lively. I am so proud of you. You are teaching him (mostly) all your good habits. You even deal with his sometimes annoying obession of wanting to be as close to you as possible.

Your sweet personality is contagious. You love to play and are the best snuggle dog. You just mush into people. Even as I am writing this, you are snuggled on my lap. 

I would be lying if I didn't say that a big benefit of my most current job is that I get to work from home, which means I am with you more. You sit next to me while I work, and make the day stress-free. Sometimes you even sit on my lap, so I have learned to work that way, too. 

You are a sweet little love. I am so happy I am your human and you are my dog. Although it would another four months until I met you, I am super happy you were born 7 years ago today. 


Thanksgiving Recap

Well, that was a nice long holiday weekend. It was likely one of the first times I didn't do too much work, and actually enjoyed myself. 

And, by enjoyed myself, I mean, spent lots of time with the doggies! Ok, ok, I cleaned and cooked and did some other things, too. 

Let's start with Maddux meeting my mom. You may remember that my Mom has been in a nursing home for a long time. For a long time, my Dad took Toby to go see her almost everyday. It was the first place we took Toby when he came home. 

Well, Thanksgiving was the first time my Mom met Maddux. It was love at first site. He has never took to someone so fast and immediately started licking her face. He never does that. 

It was super cute! 

Despite bringing toys to the nursing home with me for them to play with, because I knew we were going to be there for an extended period of time, they were still a bit antsy. So we played with my phone taking selfies, which seemed to occupy them. It alsso amused my mom. 

Neither one of them them, however, look amused in either of these photos. 

But, overall, I think Maddux had a really good first Thanksgiving, at least by the looks of this photo, which was taken at about 11:30 p.m. on  Thanksgiving night. 

The next day, my aunt snapped this photo of us playing after breakfast. 

Hope you had just as good of a holiday weekend as we did! 


Ice, Ice Baby

We haven't gotten our first snow yet, but we have gotten some ice in the ground. I was worried Maddux, being from Florida, would be a little freaked out by it, but I was wrong. 

Instead, he seeks out all the ice pieces on the grass and chomps on them. It's kind of cute. 


Outtakes: Family Photos

The other day I was holding Toby when Maddux wanted to come up, and sit with us. 

Toby has not been a fan of this, but I tried it anyway. Well, they totally tolerated each other, so of course that meant photo time. 

We got a few cute photo, which I posted on Facebook, but there were a few funny outtakes, too. 

Here are some of my favorites, both outtakes and real ones. Do you like take photos with your dogs? What's you trick to get them to look at the camera? 

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