Happy Halloween

Hope you are all having a very Happy Halloween! There is a Throwback Thursday photo of the only costume I actually got Toby to wear.

Have a safe holiday! :)


Morning Stroll Through Lake George

I guess you could call this a walk, but since Toby's leg is still, and likely never will be, up to par, it's more like a stroll, especially when it's so hot and humid out. 

To solve this problem, I'm learning that we just need to stop every once in a while to let him rest. It doesn't help my workout, but it certainly helps him. And, quite frankly, I cherish the peace and bonding that comes along with our morning walk by the lake. It is one of my favorite activities. 

 From that smile. Yu can tell he loves it, too. 

I carry with me a water bowl and bottle for him and me in a small, lightweight backpack. Plus, of course, treats and poop bags. 

That's one super hot pup! 

Even thought we walk thought here all the time, I always like to find new place to photograph him with, like this giant bear outside one of the shops. Usually the street is packed, but I totally took advantage of literally no one on the street. 

Toby looks like a little peanut compared to me bear! 

There a several sections of our walk that has a wall that Toby is like a little kid with...he jump, whence an up, and has to walk on that instead of one the sidewalk. And, he really loves to stop for a break on them. 

But who can blame him for liking this place, I mean the views are beautiful! 

Happy Sunday! 


Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

This post is a little late since my Dad's birthday was last weekend, but I just had to share this cute photo of Toby. 

He looks so comfortable with his grandpa helping him celebrate! 



Fun Friday Fotos

Thought I would share a few fun photos from the week. What did you and your pet do this week?

Whose New Toy?

I thought this was my new toy, but it seems like Toby may have decided he likes it instead.

Fun With Friends

Last weekend was a blast! For both me and Toby, actually. We pretty much spend four days with my friend Jen and Toby's friend Jenks (Jen's dog). 

First they came it my house, which they do on a frequent basis. So, there was not much out of the ordinary there. 

But, Saturday, Toby and I went to Jen's place. I was a little worried how Toby would be since he had never been there before and we were going to be leaving them alone while we went out that night.

I brought one of his favorite fleeces and even the pillow from my bed that he loves. 

Pretty much didn't need either. 

As soon as we got out of the car he couldn't pull fast enough to go see Jen. He ran right up her stairs, we let him of his leash and he roomed all over her apartment. Then he came out of a room with a ball in his mouth and started throwing it so we would play. 

He was a nut. 

I was so happy that he was happy and active and apparently felt right at home. He even played really well with Jenks. 



Happy Fourth of July

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July from us in the Adirondacks! :) 


Helping Clean

Some of you may have already seen this on our Facebook page, but this was Toby's idea of helping me clean yesterday. 

To be fair, most of the day he was glued to my side, because it was the first full day I was home since vacation, and I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't leaving again. I also kept finding a ton of toys for home, so I would give them to him to play with, he would destroy them in 10 minutes, I would take them away and then give him another one. He was absolutely pooped! 

Plus, he loves my pillow and I did put it on the floor for a minute, so I guess it was fair game for I'm to  take advantage. 

Even later at night he was so exhausted that he passed out on the couch and didn't even beg for dinner. I had to wake him up to eat! 


A Long Overdue Post

II should have written this months ago, but I've been so busy I just haven't had the time. If you are a regular reader of My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much, you may have noticed the lack of posts, giveaways and more. There has just been sporadic photos of Toby, but that's just about it. 

Well, it's because I took a job as the editor-in-chief of a pet industry trade publication last October, and I felt that continuing to do product reviews, giveaways or similar things wild be conflict of interest. I still planned on writing about Toby, sharing our adventures and the human/animal bond-- which is what my original intent for this website was in the beginning -- but I've been insanely busy traveling and working on helping rebuild the magazine that I haven't had time to write. Heck, it took me how many months just to tell you about this big change? 

I have my website app on my phone, and iPad, and while it doesn't work as well as a regular desktop, I really hope to be writing here more. even if it is just photos of fun things Toby and I are doing. I love my readers and don't want to lose that connection, because I truly love interacting with you, reading your comments and your blogs. I hope you understand why I have been a little MIA, and bear with me a little if my posts are not perfect since I will likely be writing the on in my phone!  :) 

This is how Toby and I spend a lot of time these days, because I get home late and am usually super tired.

So, now let me tell your little about the magazine I went to work for. It is a. B2B trade publication that covers the pet industry. Our audience is primarily independent pet store owners, as well as groomers, vets, doggie day care owners, manufacturers, distributors and more. The company I work for bought the magazine from another company last year and I started Oct. 1. 

We literally started from scratch, and while it is still the same name, we have redesigned the entire manage zinc, launched a new website and a ton of social media channels. It's hard work, but it has been super fulfilling, and I work with, and for, group of amazing people. I absolutely love what I do and could not have asked for a better mix of my passion combined with my professional skills as a journalist. 

I also brings me to another point I would like to share, which trust me, I know an be difficult to swallow sometimes. Things do happen for a reason. I left my previous job for this new gig in a day. Yup, I have notice on a Friday and started on a Monday. In fact, The night I got hired, I had to book a flight to a trade show --- before I had even technically started.

That same week, however, I was interviewing with  pretty high-profile business magazine for a social media doctors position, and was also following up after several interviews with another business news wire about a possible positions there. Yet, for some reason this opportunity came along in the most random of ways and within a week things changed. And, on top of that, I had really been hoping for and working toward a job with another company in the pet industry, and was bummed it seemed like it was never going to work out.

You know what, it's a good things those opportunities didn't work out, because I don't think I would have been as happy as I am right now in terms of my career. My point is -- and I know I sometimes need to listen to my own advice --is that things happen for a reason, and although it seems like that reason really stinks at the moment, there might be something better coming down the pipeline. 

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Throwback Thursday: Maine Mountain

Me and a 7-month-old Toby on a mountain in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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