Ear Infection

Maddux hasn't been acting right the past couple of days, but I wasn't sure exactly what was wrong, until two days ago. 

He kept scratching his ear, which I thought was odd, but then I smelled it. Whoa. Not a good smell, and this was after his bath. 

Luckily, I was going to New Jersey for work, so it worked out well. A quick trip to the vet and we learned he has a bad bacterial yeast infection. 

It's nothing a little ear watch and daily medicine can't take care of in 7-10 days. With floppy ears, this pretty much comes with the territory. 

He must be the only dog that likes going to the vet. He is calm, runs in the door and get right in the vets face and sniffs. But, more on that in another post. 

After the vet, I made a quick stop to let him pick out a toy since he did so well at the vet. 


Doggie Daycare Interview

We visited our first doggie day care in the area today. 

In a nutshell, Toby couldn't wait to leave and Maddux had a ball. Toby couldn't jump into my car fast enough and Maddux refused to get in. As my aunt said today when I told her about it, "it pretty much sums up their personalities." 

Both of them however, were exhausted. 

They haven't really barked, or moved, since we came back. I did notice they are both moving a lot slower and Toby's legs are bothering him a lot tonight. He had a very hard time going outside. 

You might be asking why does someone who works remotely and can stay at home with their dogs all day need doggie daycare. 

I thought it would be a great socialization and separation anxiety exercise for them. Today was just a trial, where we introduced them to the facility as well as the other dogs and people there. They were there for about two hours. 

We are going to check out a few others, too so they have a little variety. It won't be a daily thing, but it will be something we do maybe every week or two weeks. 

Do you put your dog in doggie daycare? 


Puppy's First Beach Trip

One of the benefits of where I live is that I am pretty much walking distance to the the lake's public beaches, including a dog beach. 

Maddux got to experience that benefit today for the first time, as me, Toby and our friends Jen and Jenks spent a few hours at the beach on this absolutely beautiful Spring day! 

He wasn't exactly sure what to make of it, but that could have been because he was super tired from not sleeping well the night before and a long walk earlier this morning. 

Getting him to listen, was, well, a total nightmare. It was like he had never been to a training class in his life and didn't know what he word sit was. 

Toward the end I finally got him to listen a little and snapped this cute photo to mark his first beach trip. 

As cute as that one is, the ones of Jenks photobombing might be even better. 

Jenks had such a fun time playing in the lake, despite there still being some ice  on it. 

It's so refreshing to be outside again! How was your day? 


Toby's First National Siblings Day

Yay! It's the first time Toby gets to celebrate National Siblings Day! 

I guess that's actually not completely true. He has had bird, tortoise and fish siblings, but this is the first time he has a dog sibling! 

Does your pet have siblings? 

My Stomach Bug Nurses

What a week!

Things started out excellent. A fun Easter on Sunday and then took the day off Monday to attend Yankees Opening Day. 

That afternoon things started to go downhill. At first I really didn't think anything of the slight headache and slightly upset tummy I had on Monday afternoon, but that evening chills and more started. 

Yup, I had the dreaded stomach bug that was going around. My Dad had it for four days, and stayed in NJ to take care of him, and we learned later that he likely caught it from my mom at the nursing home. Both of whom, I was around for the past week.

The timing with work was horrible. Like really, really horrible. So on top of feeling crappy from the stomach bug, I was feeling terrible for having to miss two days of important meetings. 

I finally started to feel somewhat better Thursday evening, and just started to eat a little again yesterday. Yes, the good side effect was losing about 8 pounds, but still, it wasn't exactly the way I would want to do it.

Through it all, these two bugs were by my side the whole time. 

When they weren't snuggled with me under the covers, they would take turns sitting with me while I worked. 

This is pretty normal for Toby. I get the least bit upset about anything and he immediately clings to me, but this was the first time I have been really sick, sick since getting Maddux. 

They were both so cute and comforting, and given how miserable I was feeling and upset I was about work, the comforting was much needed. 

How do your dogs act when you are sick? 


Opening Day!

It's here! It's here! Opening Day of baseball! 

Being a baseball fan, this is a super big deal. It's something I have wanted to go to forever, but either I couldn't take the day off, or I couldn't get reasonable tickets. 

Not this year. 

I got reasonable tickets, and I took the day off. So excited. 

Although the dogs can't come with me, I did put them in their Yankees jersey this morning and took photos! 

As you can tell, I am a Yankees fan, but really, I just like the sport overall. Do you follow baseball? What's your favorite team? 


Easter Antics

Happy Easter! 

Boy did we have fun today. First of all, it is also Toby's gotcha day. Not Easter, but April 5. Seven years ago today I brought home this little bug and life was never the same. 

Yeah, I made him wear this yesterday in the store and almost bought it for him, but in reality, it really didn't fit him well. 

I made the boys an Easter basket with a cute bag of plastic egg dog toys and stuffed toys that look like chocolate Easter bunnies. 

Then, came the fun! 

My Dad held the boys while I arranged the eggs and then we let them loose! It was hilarious! Here are some photos, and there is video on our Facebook page. 

How was your Easter? 


Saturday Morning Sunshine

There was a bright thing in the sky this morning. It was something I haven't seen in a while. 

THE SUN!!!!!! 

It was absolutely beautiful. The only problem? Super windy. But, I'll take it. 

Now that the warm weather is here we have been going for morning walks, and even sometimes an after-work walk too. The benefit of working from home -- your commute time turns into dog-walk/exercise time, and you get to start your day super refreshed without the stress of sitting in an hour, or more, of traffic. 

As you can see, they have been walking pretty darn well together on the leash. I like to kerep them close to me, so the double leash has worked better, even though I did buy a dual leash.

Sometimes Toby gets tired, or I have to correct one of them, so right now this is just easier. 

After our walk, I did some training with Maddux, which I slacked off on while traveling, but we have to get back into it. 

We were pracitcing "leave it" in the photro below. And, even Toby got in on the action. OK, yes, he really just wanted some treats. 

After that, the two boys laid on the front porch in the sun, and then retreated to the couch when there were no more rays beaming through those windows. 

I am so in love with them. Toby and I went shopping this afternoon, but you will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what we bought -- and what I made Toby wear. 

How was your Saturday?


Early Gotcha Day Shopping Trip

Toby's Gotcha Day is April 5, which this year happens to be Easter. So, to celebrate, and because I had a coupon, and we needed to pick up food, I took him on a little shopping trip to Petco last night. 

Because I had to pick up so much stuff, it was the first time he rode in the cart and it was so adorable! 

I told him he could pick out anything he wanted as an early Gotcha Day present. 

He looked at some toys that were on sale. 

Then he took a spin around the aquatics department. 

And, then went back to look at more toys . 

But, in the end he decided on two cute little goldfish! 

They are now living very happily on the kitchen counter. 


Spring Walk Time

So excited! Last night was the first time it was both warm enough, and light enough, out to take the dogs for a walk after work. 

I don't know about where you are, but I sure am sick of the winter. I mean, it snowed earlier this week when I was in New Jersey for work. Crazy! 

The other exciting thing? Toby and Maddux did pretty well walking on a leash together. It only took 5 months, but, hey, at least it's happening. 

What's the weather like where you are? 
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